It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mainly in part because I haven’t made the time but somewhat because of lack of making time.

Since the last post, I’ve taken classes to obtain a missionary minor at Truett McConnell College. Along with this, I have been accepted into the Nursing program..on very strange terms. The first time that I came to the Department of Nursing at Truett, I was greeted by the Dean of the program and welcomed with open arms. Going into the office only to discuss the program and obtain information, my classes were reviewed and contingent on passing all of the pre-requisites, I was accepted to the program. Being accepted to the program was none of my doing and was somewhat eery that God had placed me there in such a visible way.  What an amazing surprise.

In the beginning I had questioned this placement, wondering if this was the true calling that God had for me.  But after the first day of clinical observation, there is no doubt that this is the one thing that is certain I should be doing.

Lately I have been lazily reading my bible and not putting in the effort to be with God daily. And after missing a few church services I was able to tell that I was backsliding. It’s not hard to do, and happens little by little. Not being perfect, as no one is, I did fall off. I’m thankful that God is a God of second chances and will take us back no matter the sin, no matter the number of mistake as undeserving as I am. What an adequate description of my entire life. Undeserved. Everything for a sinner like me. Everything that I’ve been blessed with, where I am right now in my life, the people and opportunities in my life. It’s all undeserved, God. Thank You. Seldom do I think of that fact, that I don’t deserve anything that I have been blessed with. And some days it hits me. Without You, God, I am nothing.
Remind me of that.

But after church yesterday and praying for desire and taking time out to read and pray, really pray, I’m back on the right track.

The Greek word doulos has been on my mind a lot, recently.  Slave. Servant. Likewise, that’s what I have been praying for lately, to be a slave for Christ, a servant for the Lord.

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